Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eat Right

Hands down, the thing that makes me look forward to the next day the most is breakfast. What else is there to look forward to each ordinary college day? Going to sleep knowing that I have breakfast waiting for me the next morning makes me excited to wake up. That's right. The idea of food makes me want to wake up before I've even fallen asleep.

Of course, poor college student doesn't have the time or money to have an elaborate breakfast. That's why we eat cereal- so delicious, nutritious, and fast. And not too expensive either. You may argue that a box of cereal in New York can cost up to $5 and sometimes even more, but that's where the bargains come in.

Keep in mind, there are more places to get cereal than the store just around the corner where things may be ridiculously overpriced because of the store's proximity to campus.
How about the grocery store five blocks down? Two boxes of Special K cereal for $5!
How about the pharmacy a block away from there? Two boxes of General Mills cereal for $5!

Spending just a small chunk of time a week to find the good deals will land you great cereal for about two weeks. (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, two boxes of Special K with Strawberries? life doesn't get too much better than that)

Careful though, because hungry poor college student friends will be sure to raid your stock of cereal. But no worries- you just got yourself four boxes at a time.