Monday, October 19, 2009

Poor College Student has no money or time to buy a between-class snack.

I wanted to get a snack in between classes from the vending machine because I was hungry.

But I only happen to have about twenty cents in my wallet- a dime and a bunch of pennies. I have a debit card, but even if I get cash out from the nearest ATM near me, I will only get twenty dollar bills.

Vending machines do not accept twenty dollar bills.

The cafe where this ATM is located where I could have used cash is probably closed by now, so I have nowhere nearby to use these bills.
I don't have enough time to go somewhere to break my theoretical twenties.

I guess I'm just going to stay hungry until class is over.


  1. I propose they begin to offer half snacks in unversity vending machines. I too usually only have around 20 cents. If they would offer half of a bag of chips, I could be able to afford this.

  2. they should also let us pay with pennies!

  3. Yes you're right. I only have a few pennies to buy snacks as well.