Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poor College (and High School) Students

This Poor College Student is involved with his school's admissions office, and volunteers for events during our annual yield season when we try to convince accepted students to enroll in our school.

For students who can't come for one of three different overnight programs, we offer a day program that lasts for the month of April. During this day program, students are staffed at a table to answer any visiting admitted students' questions, and takes admitted students to the dining hall for a free lunch to talk more in-depth information about the school. Though I the dining hall isn't the best place in the neighborhood to eat... it would be a free meal if I volunteered for the program.

I signed up for every single day that I was available.

Note to any Poor High School Students out there, go visit the schools that you were accepted to and maybe they'll give you a free lunch!


  1. can real students pretend to be an admitted high school student?

  2. nope. they check your name on a list