Friday, May 7, 2010

Cheap Drinks at Starbucks

Mmm, coffee. The sustenance for most college students. It's not uncommon to hear your friend, classmate, professor, TA...or anyone on campus really saying "I need coffee." We live off caffeine...but for the most part, it costs money.

Now, if you like brand name (and in my opinion, not so great) Starbucks coffee, you can spend nearly $4 dollars on an iced latte. Imagine getting 3 or 4 lattes a day during study week! That's a lot of caffeine! That's even more money!

For full disclosure, this may or may not work at all Starbucks. Some of the baristas know of the following trick, but if it works...score!

When it's your time to order, say "I'd like n shots of espresso poured over a tall/grande/vente cup of ice, thanks" and after receiving said cup, go to the napkin/straw/sugar/milk area and fill your cup with milk! Each shot of espresso is approximately 55 cents, and if you want a flavored latte, each flavor shot is 55 cents too! Talk about reasonably priced!

Another Starbucks pointer - there is another size of drinks called "short." It's on the register, so you're not making it up when you ask for it. It's an 8 ounce cup that is 1/3 less expensive than the tall! If you are looking for flavor over caffeine, this option saves you money and calories!

Next time you go to Starbucks, try these tips out!

(Author's note: I fully support smaller coffee shops and chains, such as Oren's and Joe the Art of coffee, so you should just buy their drinks. Also, they know the iced latte trick, and probably won't let you get away with it - and for good reason! Their coffee tastes GOOD.)


  1. It would be best to buy sachet coffee rather than Starbucks if you want to save money. But, if you are looking for a place to study, I guess, Starbucks is a really good one.

  2. Thanks for the helpful tips!! I'm a 100% broke freshman at community college...and there's a Starbucks down stairs. xD A Starbucks I was just hired at, actually. Irony....

    Anyway, thought I'd let you know I'm referencing your post in my blog
    Don't worry. I've clearly stated I did not write it, and I provided a link to your entry. If you think there's anything I missed in giving you full credit for your work, please let me know and I'll be happy to fix it. =)

  3. hahaha. Buy high quality instant coffee - Nestle Taster's Choice, for example, is very delicious. And buy canned condensed milk. And make a VERY CHEAP and delicious drink.

  4. Please try to share the tables and chairs with people who are really spending money there, if you only paid for a cup of coffee, please leave when you DONE your coffee..... sitting there whole morning/night day with one coffee ! be a nice students or neighbours in yours community.

  5. After going to, I came to the conclusion that there are tons of coffee brand I still haven't tried... but hopefully that will all change.