Monday, November 30, 2009


Poor college student has $10 to use between Sunday night til Tuesday night. Normally, this wouldn't be the worst problem in the world. Eat bagels, and use the generous charity of friends. However, birthdays completely destroy this plan.

Will poor college student make it? She already promised her friend a half-priced bottle of wine that will be split between 3 people tonight. She has to make lemon bars and cake for a birthday present, but has no lemons nor powdered sugar. She has to eat. She has to take the subway before Tuesday night.

Cast your vote, and let us know if you think this poor college student will defy the above odds, and be the penultimate PCS, or will fall flat and have to beg mommy and daddy for an advance sooner than Tuesday night....or worse, use her credit card (which she seldom ever uses).


  1. i vote she will fall flat

  2. I vote she will use her credit card

  3. she will fall flat, sources say she asked claire to buy her lemons!

  4. She'll use credit card. That's what I think.

  5. delayed response but - she made it! kind of. Bday girl flaked, so instead didn't have to buy wine. Also, campo men gave me and the lovely lg free wine that night. Made the brother buy bday boy half the present, while the other half was recycled from a star wars convention. lemon bars weren't made due to laziness. train was taken. bagels eaten.

    why kind of?

    the pcs used her credit card to buy lacey underwear that she just COULDNT resist - ultimate defeat

  6. also, claire DID buy the lemon bar ingredients.