Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poor College Student Defies Tradition

In my family/culture, if you are offered money by a relative, the correct response is not to say "thank you" but "no thank you" and refuse the gift. If you accept the money, you have failed. If you manage to avoid taking the cash, you have won.

Strange right?

I went home last weekend with $19 left in my bank account.

When my grandmother tried to offer my some cash as an early christmas present, I tried the usual tactics:

"No thanks, I have plenty of money already."
"It's ok, you don't have to give me a christmas present this year."
"I already bought myself something earlier this month."
"Why don't you give this to me on actual christmas day?"
"Let's make a compromise, I'll take half now, and half on christmas day."

I didn't try hard enough. I failed. My brother made fun of me. But my bank account has more than $19 now!

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  1. Oh that hurts! Ask your brother to give the money back.