Friday, June 26, 2009

Four apples, two oranges, one orange juice, and a ham sandwich for the price of a ham sandwich

Just now I went to Uris Business School Deli to buy lunch with my complementary Dining Dollars. They don't have much there, but there's only that and the cafe at Butler Library open over the summer so I really had no choice.

So I got there and went to the deli counter and ordered a ham, lettuce and swiss cheese on a baguette. A sandwich costs $7.50 there. Yeah. $7.50 for a pathetic ham sandwich? But then I thought, whatever, I'm getting this for free.

And today's Friday, the last day of the week that on-campus food places are open. My Dining Dollars don't roll over from week to week, so it's always best to get as much free food as I can at the end of the week. So I went to the fridge section and grabbed two apples and a cup of grapes. The last cup of grapes! There were plenty of cups of grapes with cheese but that's EW- I only want grapes. No cheese with grapes, just grapes. So I got the last cup that had just grapes. (You're like, why can't you just go back for dinner instead of going on fruit shopping spree? It's because the stupid deli closes at 3 pm.)

I went to the cash register to check out. I handed the lady my ID. She swiped, and the machine went beepbeepbeep and the screen flashed "TRANSACTION INVALID Insufficient Funds". I'm like Oh, they're Dining Dollars. The lady swiped again and the same thing happened. She said "You have 42 cents and nothing on flex." I was like no, that's wrong. I have Dining Dollars. I have weekly Dining Dollars. I know that I have 42 cents from my regular Dining Dollars account, but I also have free money, goddammit!!! (last sentence omitted from being verbalized)

I tried explaining to her that I DO have money on my card, but she proceeded to stare at me blankly. I wanted to be like, Look. I came here a few days ago. I had $25 that time and I only spent about $10, so I have money on my card. I remember your face, you swiped my card!!

I thought for a few seconds and decided from the blank stare on her face that this wasn't going to get anywhere so I said, fine. I'll pay in cash. (bitch.)

Fruit from on-campus food establishments are too expensive, so I said I'd have to put them away. She said fine. I paid $7.50 out of my wallet for the stupid sandwich. I put the fruit back in the fridge section. I walked to work, confused at what just happened and ready to rant to my co-complementary-Dining Dollar-users about this Insufficient Funds crisis.

But unable to accept the fact that there was supposedly no money in my Dining Dollars account, as soon as I got to work, I sat down at my desk and opened up the Cardholder Transactions page on SSOL.

Flex: 0.00
Dining Dollars: 0.42
Dining Dollars-(the other one): $11.53 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I grabbed my wallet, power walked back to Uris and went to the cash register. The lady who I just bought my lunch from was busy so I went to the next lady. I asked her to swipe my card to see if I had any Dining Dollars. She swiped. $11.53!!

She was very kind and understanding as I explained to her what just happened, and could I get a refund? :)
She asked the lady next to her, who was like No, it was a cash transaction, we can't do anything. (but more bitchily)
I was like that's okay, I'm going to go buy some stuff now anyway.

I got a plastic bag, stuffed in two red apples and two green apples. Sadly, somebody else had taken the last cup of grapes in the ten minutes I was away, so I got two oranges and a bottle of orange juice instead.

I still have about $3 left, but I'm pretty content with all this fruit for now.

Poor college student goes grocery shopping at on-campus food establishments for free in retaliation of incorrect cash transaction.

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