Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poor College Student Hasn't Bought A Pen In Years / Goes Trick or Treating at Conventions

When your family runs a business, sometimes you are expected to go to trade shows, expos and/or conventions with them. While regular college students may protest having to tag along with the family to random places like Anaheim or Brooklyn, Poor College Students relish the opportunity because they know that there will be plenty of free giveaways from all the booths and exhibitors.

This is a sampling of some of the things I've picked up in the past two months:

A Time Inc branded alarm clock

From left to right, AT&T branded: lip balm, hand sanitizer, two regular pens, one broken light up pen and one functioning light up pen

Three non AT&T branded lip balms

A whole bunch of pens from random companies

My personal favorite being the United Dairymen of Arizona one

A UPS branded "Pinky tree". A mini plant in a plastic container that you can wear, water or plant

So I chose to wear it on my phone


  1. no shirt, shameless advertising and hilarious captions...

    i REALLY adore this blog

  2. no shirt? i'm starting to think you're almost as into yourself as bruce!

  3. I'm more into Mike than myself

  4. wow bruce, i don't know how to respond to that

  5. Just shut up and enjoy the moment Mike