Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mugged and...Poor

Mostly empty wallet - I got $2 from Claire for chocochips.

Poor college student sometimes does have some money. But never for long.

Today, I wanted to check out when the new Whole Foods on 96th and Columbus would open, so I got off the bus. Texting and milling around a residential block, I got held at stick point. Before giving the perp my wallet, I took out my cards and important info. I didn't remove any cash. The guy took the cash out, dropped my wallet, and dropped his stick before running away.

He took $80.

And, I haven't gotten any checks in three weeks, due to payroll problems.

Poor college student just wanted to splurge some rare money at the prepared foods section at Whole Foods, and is now out of money for the rest of the week entirely.


  1. this isn't a funny post claire!

  2. Hey! I totally checked out your blog form ryanrunseurope, and I must say this blog is pretty sweet!
    AKA NOT stoked on going into college soon haha, I'll be pretty broke.
    Anyways, sucks that you got mugged :(
    When I get money, I get insanely happy and wouldn't know what to do with it. . .
    This blog rules, I'll totally be down following this, cheers!

  3. i hate those damn card keys