Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Drinks for Me...and You!

Poor college student loves drinking. A bit too much. A lot, actually. Poor college student also loves going out. A bit too much. A lot, actually. But how can poor college student go out so often?

To go out as often as I do, you must control the bar scene. I'd like to believe I've mastered the "get that dude over there to buy me a drink" skill. I mostly have, I haven't paid for a drink when I've gone out in a few months, unless with friends.

The rules to getting a (read: many) free drink:
- Look hot, look hot, LOOK HOT
- Or alternatively, look cute
- In any case, you have to dress well and look GOOD
- Don't act stupid, engage someone in conversation "HAHA YEAH! I love that too! Blah Blah Blah more talking"
- Ask for a drink very nicely and chill-ly "Hey, are you getting more drinks? Can I get one too?"
- Take out an already drunk friend, and have him/her buy you drinks
- Know your bartender v. well "Hey ___, gimme something on the house please!"
- Flash an adorable, cute smile
- Look pet-able and short

These rules work amazingly for me, so maybe they will for you too! Poor college student loves free drinks!!


  1. if u look good u dont hav to ask, the guys just beg to buy u drinks cuz they think ur gonna sleep with them