Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Source of Income for the Summer

Poor college student did two behavior studies today and earned $17 but still isn't able to find a summer internship!


P.S. Click the title for the link to the website where you can sign up for behavior studies too

P.P.S. The second study I did today involved pretending to be a hiring manager and quickly reading through about 40 fake resumes in 10 minutes and then selecting 5 fake candidates to fill 5 fake positions and it just made me even sadder because all these not-real people were getting jobs and I wasn't.


  1. i'm doing the same thing! it's kind of terrible.

  2. I'm just wondering, do you have a job? every college student I know has a job (i have 2 & am a full time student) and while i'm not rolling in dough, i don't have to live off cheese samples in the store. you should look into it.