Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Number of the Day

Again, I find myself with too much free time. But is this not a blessing? Rather that complaining about my problem, I decided to do something about. And what better thing to do in your free time than make a bit of extra cash using my old vice, online poker. I threw $55 on account and was making money within hours. Here are my day end stats since then:

Friday: $80 Profit: $25
Saturday: $150 Profit: $70
Sunday: $84 Profit: -$66
Monday: $51.45 Profit: -$32.55
Tuesday:$84.45 Profit: $23

Good News. Over the first two days I averaged $47.50/day, but alas my actual earnings per day is today's number of the day.


I will be playing higher stakes from now on.


  1. So you must be at least decent if not good. I began learning how to play texas hold em last year; now im good, at least on the FB game hehe.

    Where do you play?

  2. I'm alright. I'm not sure if I'm good enough to be very profitable in the long term though.

  3. Your dismal hourly rate is a more important parameter than your daily "gains". You'd benefit more working a second job flipping burgers at Jack-in-box during the all-night shift. I'd be sure to throw in a tip with my Jalepeno Poppers ;)