Saturday, July 18, 2009

Poor College Student Will Sleep On The Streets To Get Free Tickets

Even though Poor College Students may not like/understand Shakespeare, they will still wait in line for free tickets to Twelfth Night.

I waited in line four times.

1) I arrived at Central Park at 8:30 AM on a Wednesday, got lost, and got in line at 9:00AM. At 1PM, I discovered that the cut-off point was 30 people in front of me. Had I not gotten lost, I would have gotten a ticket.

2) Two weeks later, I arrived at Central Park at 6:30 AM on a Thursday. The line was so much longer than the one I had waited in at 8:30 AM on Wednesday. I waited 10 minutes and left.

3) Later that day, I arrived at 4:00 PM to wait in the standby line. I was about 50th in line. At 7:00 PM, I discovered that they usually hand out only 5 or so tickets for standby.

4) The third to last day of the show, I went to Central Park at 2:00 AM and waited until 1:00 PM. I waited 11 hours. I finally got tickets :D

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