Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Poor College Student "FML"

Poor college student just wanted Shake Shack today. That was it.

Mike and I left campus at 2pm to walk around the West 70s. I needed to refill a metrocard though. I put in my ATM card, and although prompted for my PIN number, I put in my zip code. Five times. However, banks have a protocol where if you input your PIN wrong three times in a row, your card/acct. are blocked, since in most cases someone is trying to steal your money.

After the five times of putting in my zip code, I realized I was putting in the wrong thing. Mike's reaction was simply "I don't even know what to say to you, Epsita. I really don't know." After correcting myself, I still couldn't get a metrocard since my card was blocked. I put cash on the card, and went to my bank.

The bank people asked me what was wrong, and asked for my info to look up my acct. They laughed at me when they saw that I kept putting in my zip code, over and over again.

They unlocked my account.

This was a 30 to 40 minute ordeal.


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