Sunday, July 12, 2009

Poor College Student likes free samples

Lucy, Epsita and I went to the grocery store to shop for dinner one day. Grocery runs always consist of a two or three course meal because this particular store is wonderfully generous and a genius at luring poor college students. (First course: free soup samples, second course: free crackers and dip samples, cheese course: free cheese samples)

As usual, we made our stop by the crackers-and-dip stand as soon as we entered the store. We were absolutely thrilled because the cracker bowl was filled to the top, not with air-bubbly tasteless rice crackers, but with bagel chips! And the containers of dip were almost entirely full, completely contrary to the days when you practically have to wipe the containers with your cracker to get any dip at all.

On days that the crackers are crap and the dip is almost nonexistent, we will take a few bites and then move on. But this time, we couldn't just make a brief stop and walk away- these were bagel chips! Lots of them! And the containers were full of dip, not containers with a small puddle of dip.

We each sampled three or four kinds of dip and were nowhere near ready to be finished with this glorious feast when a big store worker with an eyepatch came, reached for the bowl of chips and tray of dip and said, "Excuse me, I have to refill this."

He didn't come back with refills.

The chip bowl had been still more than a half full, and we had barely had any of the dip. There are days when the bowl of chips will have nothing but a layer of crumbs but poor college students and hungry housewives alike will still try to pick up the biggest crumb and put a tiny dab of dip on it to eat.

But this day, customer service apparently had to be so good that they had to interrupt our feast to refill the chips to the very very top, didn't they?


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